Plans and pricing of QuestChain Usage
Subscription Plan Subscription Time Cost per Single User
Free - Free
Standard One Time $12
Standard 1 Month $18
Standard 1 Year $150
Pro 1 Month $49
Pro 1 Year $450
Payments are done through PayPal.
For attractive corporate offer, or if you want to pay using other methods,
please contact us:
Subject / Subscription Plan Free Standard Pro
Skip logic system    
Distribution of questionnaire containers    
Time limit for questionnaires' pages    
Randomization of questions    
Randomization of answers    
Obligation of distinct answer for each sub question in a matrix    
Hide QuestChain's logo from questionnaire's response header    
Presentation of respondents' IP addresses in the Excel sheet    
Presentation of each response start time, end time and elapsed time    
Mechanism for sending reminders to respondents that did not fill the questionnaire yet    
Ability to choose the URL to which your respondents will be redirected to after they fill the questionnaire    
Connectivity to Facebook pages  
No ads in response page  
SSL secure connection for both survey authors and respondents  
Distribution to specific emails or distribution groups  
All languages are supported (Unicode)
Bi-Directional support
Viral distribution of questionnaires
Unlimited number of questions
Unlimited number of respondents
Questionnaire creation
Multimedia embedding in questions and answers
Rich text in questions and answers
Importing respondents lists from Google, Yahoo, MSN, MS-Excel and MS-Outlook (Subjected to operating system and browser support and network security settings)
Customize your survey with your own logo
Analysis of the responses
Graphical representation of the results
Exporting of the results to MS-Excel
Printable versions of both the questionnaires and the results
Full test cycle of creation-distribution-analysis of any survey to your own email address
Questionnaire page progression indicator
Combine multiple distributions of the same questionnaire for analysis
Print offline surveys(multi choice questions) and scan back responses to the system(This offer is for inviduals only. Organization/Institues please contact us:
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