Custom Solutions
In addition to the comprehensive tools available in the site, QuestChain offers tailor-made solutions.
Among them you can find the following:
  • Ability to interact with existing respondents panels.
  • Expert service who will create your surveys' questions.
  • Expert service who will analyze your results.
  • Dedicated installation and license.
  • Site customizations - logo, custom home page, specific features, links to/from legacy software and more.
  • Ability to send alerts to audience that didn't answer or finished answering a questionnaire.
  • Multilingual possibility per questionnaire - i.e. each questionnaire can be translated and distributed in several languages.
  • Ability to double enter questionnaires' answers for data entry validations.
  • Interactive video questions that show videos and the respondents need to stop it at the correct time (or time span) to answer correctly (very useful for feedbacks and e-learning questions).
Please contact us to get an offer.
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